Offshore & Nearshore Software Development Built Upon a Foundation of Technical English & Communication Excellence!

With a team of 2,000+ Engineers on 4 Continents, Cloud App Developers provides Offshore & Nearshore Software Development options designed to fit your specific out-staffing requirements. Our Architects, Developers, Data Scientists & Data Engineers are extensively screened & have domain expertise in several industries, including: Telecom, Financial Services, Insurtech, IoT, Logistics, Industrial Automation, etc.

Do you need to rapidly scale a development team? Need similar time-zone development? Need excellent English & communication skills? Cloud App Developers has the right stuff!

Excellent English & Communication Skills

Our Services

Dedicated Software Development Teams

Dedicated Software Development Team

An Autonomous team assembled to deliver technology solutions.

Managed by Customer Product Owner & our Scrum Master.

Software Development Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation

Augment your internal team with developers you don’t have to babysit.

Top developers with English & Communication Excellence.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

End-to-End Custom Software Development, built to your specifications.

Developer Screening Process

Technical English Proficiency

For Agile, “English At Speed” Is The Standard

Communication Excellence

Developers Trained For “Low-Context” Communication

Problem Solving Aptitude

Our Customers Expect Engineers

Code Testing

Code Quality

Code Reviews For All Developers

Hire Remote Developers

Global Development Centers

Location: Argentina

Top Rated In Latin America for English Proficiency

Maximum Time Zone Overlap with the USA

Engineering Culture Alignment

Location: Hungary

Top Rated in Central Europe for English Proficiency

Talented Engineering Pool

Strong Engineering Culture Alignment

Location: Cochin

Most Westernized Region of India

Very Low Turnover Rate in Region

Ability to Scale Large Teams Rapidly


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