Our Machine Learning Accelerator Program can make sure you can get the ROI you need and set you up for ML Success.

Machine Learning Accelerator Program

To kick-start your Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning initiative, we have created our Machine Learning Accelerator Program, a Machine Learning Proof of Concept to help map out your ML journey. Through our expert machine learning consulting services, we can perform a machine learning cost-benefit analysis for you and identify any gaps in data, models, or achievable business goals.

You can then move forward with confidence, knowing that you have a clear execution plan with challenges and benefits outlined.

Machine Learning Proof of Concept: Who would benefit?

Companies who…

  • Have lots of legacy data.
  • Want to launch a Machine Learning Program but don’t know where to start.
  • Would like to validate specific business goals without investing too much money.
  • Want to find out what else is possible with Machine Learning.
Machine Learning Proof of Concept
Machine Learning Accelerator Program

What does the program include?

The Machine Learning Accelerator Program is designed to provide a useful assessment of your data, validate your business goals, and identify what’s possible with Machine Learning and Data Science techniques. Our Machine Learning Experts will then compile a comprehensive report and present the findings to your company’s stakeholders. A typical program would include the following stages:

Review of your Business Goals“What are the business goals you hope to address with Machine Learning?
Assessment of Existing Data“What is the nature and quality of your existing data?”  “Is there any missing data?”  “What data preparation is needed?”
Machine Learning Cost-Benefit AnalysisHow much will it cost to achieve your business goals and will it be worth it?
Top-Level Validation of Business Goals“Can your existing data support your Business Goals?”
Machine Learning Model Recommendations“Which Machine Learning Algorithms or Analytical Models are best suited to meet your business goals?”
Data Transformation of a Subset of Data (see below)“How much will it cost to prepare all of your data for modeling?”
Run Models against one business goal and a subset of dataIf fed into selected models, can the insights from my data accomplish my business goals?
Generate Machine Learning Report with RecommendationsFull Report on Machine Learning Readiness and Goal Validation Includes recommendation and cost estimates for your Machine Learning Program.
Machine Learning Accelerator Program

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