A more focused version of IT Staff Augmentation, dedicated software development teams are purpose-built teams working semi-autonomously to deliver technology solutions. Status reports are issued as often as needed.

Often chosen when a specialized team of engineers is needed to ramp quickly, or when a company lacks specific technology expertise, a Dedicated Development Team can be assembled in just weeks.

Dedicated Software Development Team

Need a Team with Specific Tech Expertise?

We provide the speed, specific tech skills & flexibility needed to rapidly assemble a dedicated team for you. We offer both Nearshore & Offshore Dedicated Teams.

Engineers Work Alongside Your Team

A Dedicated Development Team is a purpose-built team that works alongside your internal team. It consists of a semi-autonomous group of engineers who are jointly managed by your Product Owner & one of our Senior Project Managers.

Quickly Ramp Up Without The Expensive Recruitment Process

You benefit from a quick & easy ramp-up without an expensive & time-consuming recruitment process. Typically, a Dedicated Development Team is assembled from a core group of Senior Architects, Developers & Product Managers on our staff. Team members are added through recruitment, or from our network of resources.

100+ Tech Skills ✅ 1,500+ Developers ✅ 4 Continents 🌎

Talent with 100+ technology skills, a developer pool from 4 continents & a world-class recruitment infrastructure, we will assemble a world-class Dedicated Development Team to match your needs.

Dedicated Software Development Team Structure

A Dedicated Team might include the following roles:

  • Backend Developers: Whether your backend is Java, .NET, Node.js or Python-based, our backend engineers are microservices experts.
  • Front End Developers: To Develop the client-side elements. Our Front End Developers also have extensive microservices backgrounds, which aid in scalability for microservices-based backends.
  • QA engineers: DevOps processes require tight developer integration with QA & Testing. Each team includes an appropriate number of QA & Test Engineers.
  • DevOps engineers: To coordinate all CI/CD activities
  • Project managers: The leaders of the development team.

Remote Developers for Hire

Engineer Screening, Testing & Training

Given the multitude of changes, dependencies & processes within Agile methodologies, a certain velocity of communication, interaction & concurrency is required. Our screening processes ensure our teams can deliver “Agile at Speed” in your development workflow.

Technical English Proficiency

For Agile, “English At Speed” Is The Standard

Communication Excellence

Developers Trained For “Low-Context” Communication

Problem Solving Aptitude

Our Customers Expect Engineers

Code Testing

Code Quality

Code Reviews For All Developers

Global Development Centers

Locations: Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru

Top Rated In Latin America for English Proficiency

Maximum Time Zone Overlap with the USA

Engineering Culture Alignment

Location: Hungary

Top Rated in Central Europe for English Proficiency

Talented Engineering Pool

Strong Engineering Culture Alignment

Location: Cochin, India

Most Westernized Region of India

Very Low Turnover Rate in Region

Ability to Scale Large Teams Rapidly

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Top developers with English & Communication Excellence. 100+ tech skills

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Your Dedicated Developer Team Requirements

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