Need Engineering Talent to Rapidly Scale? ↗️

Our IT Staff Augmentation Services provide the speed, specific tech skills & flexibility you need to rapidly scale your internal engineering team. We offer both Offshore & Nearshore Software Staff Augmentation from multiple regions.

100+ Tech Skills ✅ 1,500+ Developers ✅ 4 Continents 🌎

With available talent from over 100 technology skills, a large internal developer pool from 4 Continents & a world-class recruitment infrastructure in place, we can accommodate most requirements.

Engineers Report Directly to You

In this Extended Development Team Model, our engineers attend daily scrum meetings & report directly to your engineering managers or team leaders. They are truly an extension to your internal team, without the painful recruiting, vetting & hiring process.

IT Staff Augmentation Done Right

Our Developers, Architects & Engineers are extensively screened for English & Communication Excellence. Experience Staff Augmentation done right!

Excellent English & Communication Skills

Developer Screening, Testing & Training

With the multitude of changes, dependencies & processes within Agile methodologies, a certain velocity of communication, interaction & concurrency is required. Our screening processes ensure our teams can deliver “Agile @ Speed” in your development workflow.

Technical English Proficiency

For Agile, “English At Speed” Is The Standard

Communication Excellence

Developers Trained For “Low-Context” Communication

Problem Solving Aptitude

Our Customers Expect Engineers

Code Testing

Code Quality

Code Reviews For All Developers

Global Development Centers

Locations: Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru

Top Rated In Latin America for English Proficiency

Maximum Time Zone Overlap with the USA

Engineering Culture Alignment

Location: Hungary

Top Rated in Central Europe for English Proficiency

Talented Engineering Pool

Strong Engineering Culture Alignment

Location: Cochin, India

Most Westernized Region of India

Very Low Turnover Rate in Region

Ability to Scale Large Teams Rapidly

Our Other Services

Dedicated Software Development Teams

Dedicated Software Development Teams

An Autonomous team assembled to deliver technology solutions.

Managed by Customer Product Owner & our Scrum Master.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

End-to-End Custom Software Development, built to your specifications.

Staff Augmentation FAQs

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is working with an offshore or nearshore company to gain access to their software developers for a defined period of time. These developers are employed by the offshore/nearshore company, but attend daily scrum meetings & report directly to your engineering managers or team leaders.

Staff Augmentation vs Dedicated Development Team

Staff Augmentation vs Dedicated Development Team. A dedicated development team is an autonomous development team assembled to deliver technology solutions, managed by both the customer & the offshore/nearshore development partner. In staff augmentation, the development team reports directly to the customer, but is an employee of the offshore/nearshore development partner.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Immediate access to talent pool
Rapid scalability
Reduced recruitment time & cost
Flexibility to adjust tech skills quickly as needed

Your IT Staff Augmentation Requirements

Using the form below, please describe your specific IT Staff Augmentation requirements in anticipation of scheduling an initial conversation. Thank you.