Application Maintenance is a major element in enhancing productivity & streamlining business processes. Our SMEs have the knowledge & experience to ensure our customer applications are running efficiently at all times. “Ceiling Unlimited”

Application Re-engineering

Our re-engineering services enable our customers to develop, re-platform & integrate applications with great velocity. Legacy applications, while assets to an organization, can be a challenge to maintain. Our SMEs guide & assist our customers in transforming legacy applications to current technological environments, enabling retention of value via greater efficiencies, transparency, flexibility, speed-to-market & cost savings.

Application Support & Maintenance

Application maintenance & support services include: problem detection & resolution at 2nd level, root cause analysis & application modifications, bug-fixing, testing & updating documentation at 3rd & 4th level. Also in scope are: application expansion, modification & extension of functionality, debugging & creation of supporting applications.

Application maintenance & support services are performed through a structured process, as detailed in Service Agreements.

Application Migration & Integration

Migrating legacy applications to the Cloud enables improved scalability, flexibility & increased computational power. Our SMEs guide & support your cloud application migration with all the major Cloud vendors, or can provide a multi-provider cloud infrastructure. We can integrate the entire suite of on-premises to cloud services (or cloud-to-cloud), including: processes, databases & network resources to enable data flow & transactions across different systems.