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FREE 24x7 Monitoring

We provide you access to a dedicated DevOps team for a fixed fee of $4,000/mo.  In addition, at no additional cost, the same team will provide 24x7 production system monitoring and on-call support with SLA-based responses.  

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Here's Everything You Get

Dedicated DevOps Team

We provide day-to-day DevOps support and architectural guidance.  You are free to use these dedicated hours when and where you need them most. 

Team Comprised of:

A Senior Cloud Architect


3 additional mid-senior level DevOps Engineers.


Cloud Security Tool Included

You wiill get free access to our automated cloud security tool that continuously monitors your cloud environment.

Flexible Model

You can choose to either work directly with each engineer, or just with with the Sr. Cloud Architect as your primary POC.

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