Cloud App Developers, LLC is a Machine Learning Consulting company that will guide & assist you throughout your machine learning (ML) journey. Using our Machine Learning Consulting Services, we help gather & prepare your data for whichever type of modeling is required to achieve your business goals.  Depending on your budget & business goals, we offer several options, spanning the entire gamut of Data Science offerings.

Machine Learning Consulting

If you would like to validate ROI before investing in ML, our Machine Learning Proof of Concept is a great way to begin your AI / ML journey.

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Data Science, Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Not all business intelligence goals require machine learning and/or deep learning. Powerful, actionable insights are possible using data science combined with statistical modeling and/or advanced analytics. Cloud App Developers has the expertise to apply the most appropriate methodology for your business goals, which run the gamut of the data science disciplines. This will maximize your ROI by avoiding unnecessary costs.

Data Science vs Machine Learning

Data Transformation Services

Whether you are planning to use simple statistical modeling to extract business insights or you’re planning a sophisticated Machine Learning or Deep Learning initiative, the first step is preparing your data into a usable format optimized for your specific goals & models.

Data Transformation Services

Data Science Services

In some cases, significant business value can be derived from statistical modeling & data analysis techniques without the use of sophisticated machine learning algorithms. We have expert data scientists & data analysts to extract insights from your legacy data.

A great way to kickstart your machine learning journey is our Machine Learning Proof of Concept. You will learn what is possible with your data (and what is not).

Machine Learning Consulting Services

We offer Machine Learning Consulting Services, covering data preparation, algorithm selection & optimization for machine learning using feature engineering best practices.

High-performing machine learning algorithms are not possible without proper data preparation & expert feature engineering for machine learning. We work together with your data domain experts to prepare your data to feed into the machine learning models & then help engineer features to make them sing.

Feature Engineering is the “Secret Sauce” that turns average machine learning algorithms into high-performance machine learning algorithms that often produce stellar ROI results.  Feature Engineering is typically a collaboration between customer domain experts who have a deep understanding of the data itself & our machine learning consultants who are experts at choosing & optimizing machine learning algorithms.

Machine Learning Consulting

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