Cloud App Developers, LLC offers several Offshore Software Development Solutions to fit your unique requirements. Whether you need to scale a large team rapidly from India, or you are looking to leverage the talent & similar engineering cultures from Central & Eastern Europe, we can help you.

Excellent English & Communication Skills

Offshore Development Centers

Offshore Software Development

Offshore Software Development (Central Europe)

Outsourcing to India

Offshore Software Development (Southern India)

Location: Hungary

Top Rated in Central Europe for English Proficiency

Talented Engineering Pool

Strong Engineering Culture Alignment

Location: Cochin, India

Most Westernized Region of India

Very Low Turnover Rate in Region

Ability to Scale Large Teams Rapidly

Offshore Software Development Services

Dedicated Software Development Teams

Dedicated Software Development Team

An Autonomous team assembled to deliver technology solutions.

Co-managed by Customer Product Owner and our Scrum Master.

Software Development Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation

Augment your internal team with developers you don’t have to babysit.

Top developers with English & Communication Excellence. 100+ tech skills.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

End-to-End Custom Software Development, built to your specifications.

Developer Screening, Testing & Training

With the multitude of changes, dependencies & processes within Agile methodologies, a certain velocity of communication, interaction & concurrency is required. Our screening processes ensure our teams can deliver “Agile @ Speed” in your development workflow.

Technical English Proficiency

For Agile, “English At Speed” Is The Standard

Communication Excellence

Developers Trained For “Low-Context” Communication

Problem Solving Aptitude

Our Customers Expect Engineers

Code Testing

Code Quality

Code Reviews For All Developers

Offshore Software Development FAQs

What are the benefits of offshore development?

Very low cost
Ability to scale large teams rapidly
Large talent pool

What is Low-Context Communication?

Low-context communication, used by software development teams in the US and much of the westernized world, is concise, straightforward, and explicit. To ensure both sides understand one another, low-context communication requires “saying it as you mean it”.

What is High-Context Communication?

High-context communication, used by many software development teams in Asia and Africa, is nuanced, layered, and sophisticated. Understanding often relies upon shared histories and experiences. High-context communication cultures, like India and China, require “reading between the lines”.

Why is Low-Context Communication Important in Offshore Software Development?

If clear communication is the goal, Offshore Software Development teams need to adopt low-context communication and processes. Otherwise, communication can break down. There is simply no shared history or experience between the offshore team and the US-based team to enable nuanced, high-context communication. This leads to miscommunication, inefficiencies, project delays, and other potential problems. Offshore Agile Software Development is not possible without tight communication.

How Can You Make Sure Your Offshore Software Development Partner Uses Low-Context Communication?

If your potential development partner does not know what low-context communication is, it does not necessarily mean they don’t communicate in a low-context fashion. Many engineers in Central and Western Europe are from low-context cultures. Ask to speak to their engineers to see if their communication is crisp and precise. You can also ask them to show you how they screen, train, and test for low-context communication.

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