The adoption of Agile & DevOps has changed software development. Disparate architectures, environments, 3rd party integrations, etc., create a challenge to developing a standardized automation approach. Our SMEs will guide & assist you in meeting these challenges. “Ceiling Unlimited”

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Our SMEs take a balanced test automation approach. We start with an assessment of your automation needs & application landscape & this enables the customization of an automation framework for your specific application needs, environment & tools. Test results are available via test dashboards & reports in multiple formats like HTML & XML.

Functional Testing

Functional testing validates the functioning of an application as specified. Regression testing is executed to ensure additions & improvements do not disturb exiting features of the application.

Integration Testing

Modern application architecture & development methodologies demand the seamless integration of multiple components. Integration testing is aimed at validating the seamless communication between the applications under test, along with other systems.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is done to check application performance (like data transfer rate & response time) under peak & continuous load, as well as maximum number of simultaneous users. This enables us to assess if the application performance is reliable & stable, even with peak loads & scaling-up of business transactions. 

Usability Testing

Usability testing examines the user interface & user experience, design for availability, logical arrangement of user interface elements (including icons, buttons & navigation components), etc. Usability testing includes application access from different platforms (desktop computers & mobile devices), as well as browser compatibility testing.

Security Testing

Security testing is critical for applications in the current distributed & connected operating environment. Any unauthorized access to application & data can cause severe damages to the business organization. Security testing includes; security scanning, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, security audit & other activities to check an application’s resistance to cyber attacks & malware. This testing is designed to detect application security vulnerabilities early in the development process to ensure the security of business-critical information.

No Charge Pilot Project

Ready to evaluate the many benefits of software test automation? Message our test experts today and let’s get the ball rolling! (Certain conditions apply)